More Than Hope advocates and consults for parents and pediatrics patients in the State of Michigan. After witnessing firsthand the difference cannabis made with President Amie Carter's child and in the Autism community, More Than Hope is highly driven and passionate about educating others about the numerous benefits of cannabis, particularly for Autism. Amie has appeared on numerous pediatric panels to educate parents about the benefits of natural alternatives to medicines and to help clear up the stigma associated with them. As of September of 2021, almost 300 medical marijuana patients are children. 


We Help Anyone who is considering Medical Marijuana

More Than Hope Advocates for Medical Marijuana Patients in the State of Michigan. We assist local advocates in protecting their rights and informing others of current law changes. We hope to make access and use easier in Michigan and across the country by working to help pediatric and adolescent patients gain the same equal rights as those who use traditional prescribed medicine.